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    Screen & Projector (*Additional charges will apply)


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    Phone: 778-231-3472

    It is agreed and acknowledged upon execution that this is a binding agreement with the following conditions.

    • We require one 6 foot table for equipment set up and a functioning 15 amp power supply.
    • If more than one set up of equipment is required (example: ceremony in one room, rececption in another) and/or there are 3rd party audio connections, additional charges will apply.
    • Balance of the event and the Music Checklist are due 3 weeks prior to event date. We will not accept additional song lists other than the Music Checklist.
    • This form cannot be amended in any way except for in writing. If the event is cancelled within the last 30 days all monies are still due. There will be a $50 NSF charge for any returned cheques.
    • We offer one complimentary consultation. Charges will apply for any additional consultations.
    • All media must be submitted via mail at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Example: slideshows, DVDs, music, etc.
    • A meal must be provided for any entertainer equivalent to the guest menu.
    • The signing client will be held liable for any equipment damage caused by an invited or uninvited guest. This does NOT included normal wear & tear of equipment.

    Your event date is only guaranteed once we receive a signed booking form and a $200 non-refundable deposit to AUDIO EDGE ENTERTAINMENT